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You have two classes written in X++ with the following code. Which three methods of the DirParty class are accessible from the Write method? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    duplicateCurrentParty()
B.    addLocation()
C.    update()
D.    getContactlnfo()
E.    add LocationCIient()

Answer: ABC

You need to develop a new XDS policy for employees. You employees’ expense records. Where should you apply the filter?

A.    Constrained tables
B.    Query
C.    Policy group
D.    Context string

Answer: D

You are developing a solution that stores purchase orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each purchase order can contain multiple purchase order lines. A purchase order line can onry be part of one purchase order. You create two tables, named PurchTable and PurchLine. to model the entities. PurchTable will store purchase orders, and PurchLine will store information about the purchase order lines. Which relation should you specify between the tables?

A.    a foreign key relation on PurchLine to PurchTable
B.    a field fixed relation
C.    a related field fixed relation
D.    a foreign key relation on PurchTable to PurchLine

Answer: A

You need to determine the output of the following code:
What is the output in the Infolog after running the code?

A.    2 1
B.    6 4
C.    12 9
D.    20 16

Answer: C

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