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You need to demonstrate the benefits of using Extended Data Types (EDTs) to your project team. Which three points should you highlight? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    They automatically update data.
B.    They reduce rework.
C.    They create dynamic filters.
D.    They improve the readability of code.
E.    Their properties can be inherited.

Answer: BDE

What is the output of the statement?

A.    Wrong value of variableB variable
Process was cancelled
B.    Process was cancelled
Wrong value of variableB variable
C.    Wrong value of variableB variable
D.    Variable2 cannot have value greater than 2
Process was aborted

Answer: A

You have an array of integers with 10 elements. You need to wnte X++ code to initialize this array with the values of 1 to 10, with the first element being 1, the second element 2, the last element 10. Which code segment should you use to achieve this goal?


Answer: D

You work in an International company which is called Luxwet. And you’re in charge of the network of your company. In the following options, which optional server component provides support for sharing data from Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics AX with external parties, such as vendors and customers?

A.    Reporting Server
B.    Enterprise Portal Server
C.    Application Integration Server
D.    Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Server

Answer: C

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