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You need to locate the record of a person named Ben Smith. You are uncertain whether Hen Smith is in Dynamics CRM as a contact. What can you use to locate the record?

A.    A system view
B.    Quick Find
C.    A custom grid
D.    Advanced Find
E.    A personal view

Answer: E

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft SharePoint for document management. From CRM, you upload a document to a SharePoint library. You need to provide a user named User1 with access to the document. What should you do?

A.    Request that a CRM administrator add a role to User1.
B.    Request that a CRM administrator assign a license to User1.
C.    Request that a SharePoint administrator modify the permissions of the document library.
D.    Request that a SharePoint administrator modify the connection between SharePoint and CRM.

Answer: B

You need to provide a report that displays information from Dynamics CRM and another cloud application. What should you use?

A.    A CRM dashboard
B.    Microsoft Power BI
C.    A CRM chart
D.    Immersive Excel

Answer: C

You are creating a new opportunity record. The record for the associated contact does not exist yet. How should you create the associated contact?

A.    Close the opportunity form. Create a new contact, and then click Connect.
B.    Close the opportunity form. Create a new contact, and then click Assign.
C.    From the opportunity, click Quick Create from the navigation bar.
D.    From the opportunity, click Contact, select New, and then use the Quick Create form.

Answer: C

The sales representatives in your company have individual goals by region. You need to create child goals for each sales representative. You must create one child goal for each region that the sales representative manages. What should you configure on the child goals?

A.    a goal metric
B.    a Rollup field
C.    a Calculated field
D.    a rollup query

Answer: D

You have a product named Product1 that you add to an opportunity. To win the sale, your manager authorizes you to give a customer special pricing for Product1. You need to ignore the product’s list price and to …… What should you use?

A.    the Clone option from the product
B.    the Pricing Method option from the list
C.    the Override Price option from the opportunity
D.    the Product Properties option from the product

Answer: A

You have two price lists described as shown in the following table. You create an opportunity that uses Pricelist1. The opportunity contains line items for Product 1 and Product 3. You add a write-in product named Product 5 that has a price of $8. You change the opportunity to use Pricelist2, and then you add Product 2. You need to identify which products are listed in the opportunity. What should you identify?

A.    Product 1 with a price of $15
Product 2 with a price of $20
Product 3 with a price of $10
Product 5 with a price of $8
B.    Product 1 with a Price of $15
Product 2 with a price of $20
Product 5 with a price of $8
Product 3 removed
C.    Product 1 with a price of $10
Product 2 with a price of $20
Product 3 with a price of $10
Product 5 with a price of $8
D.    Product 2 with a price of $20
Product 5 with a price of $8
Product 1 and Product 3 removed

Answer: A

While at the airport, you meet the purchasing manager for a local grocery store chain. The purchasing manager complains about a product. You realize that the grocery store chain might benefit from a product that you sell. Before departing, you exchange business cards. You need to track the information from the business card and the conversation by using Dynamics CRM. Which type of record should you create?

A.    task
B.    quote
C.    lead
D.    opportunity

Answer: B

You create a personal dashboard that tracks important sales information. Your manager wants all of the users in the company to use the dashboard. You need to recommend a method to make the dashboard available to all of the users. The solution must minimize effort. What should you recommend?

A.    Export the definitions of the dashboard components, and then import the components.
B.    Ask an administrator to recreate the dashboard as a system dashboard.
C.    Ask an administrator to share the dashboard with all of the users.
D.    Edit the properties of the dashboard, and then assign the dashboard.

Answer: C

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